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  Grandstream GXV-3000 Video Phone (GXV3000)
  The GXV3000 is an easy and affordable way of communicating face-to-face over any distance. It is ideal for any multi-media communication environment, the virtual office and all IP video communications for business or residential users.

The GXV is an advanced IP video phone based on SIP and H.264/H.263 standard, competitively priced and easy to use. The GXV combines sleek design and technology features with excellent picture quality, ease of deployment and broad interoperability with 3rd party SIP products. The GXV-3000 is the first H.264 IP video phone that supports real-time high-quality video at bandwidths as low as 32kbps and up to 1Mbps. The phone allows nearly all viewing angles via its 5.6 inch TFTP adjustable LCD screen and VGA camera, enabling high-quality videoconferences from your home or office.


  • High-quality 2-way real-time video

  • High fidelity video quality at bandwidths between 64kbps to 1Mbps

  • Crisp picture quality

  • Adjustable advanced VGA resolution camera

  • 3-way conferencing

  • Optical and digital zoom, auto-focus, auto exposure

  • Picture-in-picture

  • Custom ring tones

  • Intuitive graphic user interfaces

  • Specifications:

  • SIP Compliant and Protocols - Support SIP 2.0, TCP/IP/UDP, RTP/RTCP, HTTP/HTTPS, ARP/RARP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP (both client and server), PPPoE, TFTP, NTP, TLS(pending).

  • Networking Interfaces - Support dual 10M/100M auto-sensing Ethernet ports configurable to operate in either switch or router mode. Support 2 USB (2.0) host ports, 1 audio and 1 video output jack and headset jack

  • Advanced Video - Powerful video DSP with advanced adaptive jitter control and packet loss concealment technology to ensure superb audio and video quality

  • Video Codec - Support H.263 and advanced H.264 base line real-time video codec (at CIF or QVGA resolution and up to 30 frames/second) Anti-flickering, auto focus and auto exposure, zoom, PIP (Picture-in-Picture), audio mute and camera block (for privacy), still picture capture/store/send (VGA Resolution)
  • Advanced Features - Support popular telephony features including 3 line indicators, full-duplex hands free speakerphone, 3-way conference, voicemail, video/audio conference, transfer, mute, etc.
  • Management, configuration and administration - Support device configuration via LCD, Web browser or central secure configuration file.

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