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ATM Machines

Your ATM machine will be your #1 income producer for the space that it occupies.

JYS can provide you with the ATM machine that can suite your business and budget.

We sell all brand of ATMs:
• Triton
• Tranax
• Hoyusung

Also we sell through the wall ATM machines.

As our valuable you will receive 100% of the surcharge. We will deposit your surcharge in your bank account either daily or monthly.

All our machines can operate either on a land line, internet connection, or wireless connection.

Also you can monitor your ATM activity 24/7 online at no charge. Your ATM is shipped direct from the factory. Your ATM purchase includes delivery, set up and paper.

J.Y.S Solutions we offer a special event ATM machine service. We offers ATM machines for events. Call us and we will provide you with the machine that suites your need

LIST of the ATMs that are available

All Triton ATM Models
• Triton RL1600
• Triton RL2000
• Triton RT2000
• Triton RL5000
• Triton FT5000
• Triton RL5000xp
• Triton FT5000xp
• Triton FT7000

ALL Hyosung Models
• Hyosung Mini-Bank 1500 ATM
• Hyosung Mini-Bank NH-1800 ATM
• Hyosung Mini-Bank 5600 ATM
• Hyosung Mini-Bank 5100 ATM
• Hyosung Mini-Bank 5000 ATM
• Hyosung Nano Cash 3000
• Hyosung Nano Cash 2000

ALL Tidel ATM Models
• Tidel 3100 ATM
• Tidel 3400 ATM
• Tidel 3600 ATM
• Tidel 3700 ATM

ALL Tranax ATM Models
• Tranax Mini-Bank 1500 ATM
• Tranax Mini-Bank 4000 ATM
• Tranax Mini-Bank 2500 ATM
• Tranax Mini-Bank 2100T ATM

• WRG ATM | Genesis
• WRG ATM | Apollo

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ATM Machines:
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