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  We serve and protect your IT and business needs with Our skilled team that has the product and industry know-how to provide the capabilities you need when you need them.

We Understand the business environment to provide you with smart technology solutions. Before we talk to you about products, we conduct a complete business analysis to assess your specific Business, hardware and network requirements and anticipated future needs to insure a comprehensive and fully integrated solution for your organization.

Our experts can address your business needs on a regional and industry-specific level. We work closely with you to determine your needs and then to meet them. This effort ensures a world-class solution that makes a bottom-line difference for your business.

JYS quickly and accurately delivers strategic technology solutions.

Pre-sales Planning and implementation

The information gathered during the process of studying your wish list and your environment is used to create a detailed plan that insures each item on the list is addressed beginning from the netwrok infrastructure and ending with a backup strategy and disaster recovery process for all your software products.

We provide you with Systems Integration, Network, Hardware and software support Services:

  • Installing and maintaining Windows OS on laptops desktops and Servers
  • Creating and maintaing your Active Directory

  • Installing and maintaining your Mailing System such as Microsoft Exchange

  • Installing and Maintaining your Database such as Microsoft SQL

  • Securing your data By providing you necessary Backup Solution Hardware and software that works for you

  • Design and implementation of comprehensive ANTIVIRUS solutions that deliver multi-tiered, enterprise-strength protection for the Internet and email gateway, network servers, and workstations.

  • Definition of SECURITY POLICIES for automatic and intelligent WEB FILTERING and EMAIL FILTERING, significantly reducing operational risks and legal liability threats.

  • SECURITY ASSESSMENT to help manage business risks: Identify and isolate threats, categorize and prioritize risks, deploy information security controls and programs and measure compliance to security policy.

  • Providing you with product Training and Support

  • We provide multiple levels of product training and support to our customers in all areas related to system implementation, ongoing operations, custom applications and future requirements.




      Phone Systems:
    Contact JYS solutions now for Voice Over IP service.
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    ATM Machines:
    If you still do not have it, now is the time. Call JYS solutions for more info.
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    Surveillance Systems:
    Cutting-edge DVR Surveillance Systems. Full Feature enterprise class DVR.
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    ID Verification:
    ID Verification devices for all your age restricted sales like tobacco and liquor.
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    Computers & Softwares:
    wide range portfolio of products ranging from the office equipment and business machines to computers, servers, peripherals and the related accessories.
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    Web design & Advertisment:
    We help businesses and individual clients all over the world to establish and maintain a professional Internet presence.
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